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Giving Advice
Salah satu materi kelas XI di semester 1 adalah Giving Advice yang artinya memberikan nasihat. Kata-kata yang sering digunakan untuk memberikan nasihat antara lain:
You’d better….
You ought to ….
You must…
You should….
You have to…

Do the following exercises.
Put the words into the correct order.
1. see – this – the – should – dentist – I – afternoon
2. rest – if- tired – you – to – take – are – ought – you – a
3. too – eat – we – not – much – should
4. the – call – exterminator – have – we- to
5. clean – people – to – the – ought – regularly – bathroom

Complete the sentences below.
1. It’s cold. …..
2. I have to pay a fine. …..
3. I don’t have enough food for dinner. …….
4. I am sleepy. …..
5. I will have a math exam next week. …..
6. My friend had an accident. …..
Arrange the sentences below.
1. I should stop smoking, eating meat, drinking coffee and avoiding many
    other delicious foods.
2. He said that I should eat unsalted food.
3. What did he say?
4. Oh, poor you. I’m sorry to hear that.
5. Great. It means that you will not eat my cheese cake. And what else?
6. He said that I had hypertension.
7. Yesterday I went to a doctor.

Read the problems. What is your advice?
1. Someone has a cough.
2. The room is very dirty.
3. There are so many rats and insects in the house.
4. The river has been polluted with chemical waste.
5. Someone can’t come to the party because she hasn’t done her homework.
6. Some students do not pass the exam.
7. The factory produces waste material.
8. In last two years, the crime rate is increasing.
9. My socks have holes in the bottom.
10. I have to withdraw my savings.

Complete the following sentences using you ought to or you ought not to.
1. It’s too far to walk. ….. take a taxi.
2. ….. leave the house until your mother come.
3. ….. smoke in public places unless you will be punished.
4. ….. clean your teeth at least twice a day.
5. ….. ask for help if you are lost.
6. ….. be selfish or your friend will hate you.
7. ….. read the instruction carefully unless you will make mistake.
8. ….. give him some money because he is a liar.
9. ….. get up early or you will miss the train.
10. ….. arrive at Balikpapan before 8.00 p.m. or no bus will take you.

Write dialogues based on the following situation.
1. Mita is losing weight, but she believes herself to be fat. You are worried
    that her health will suffer.
2. Tom has smoked since he was in Junior High School. Everyday he smokes two packs
    of   cigarette. You are worried that he will suffer from hearth attack and lung cancer.
3. Jack has a fat motorbike. He likes riding his motorbike fast. He always rides it about 100
    km/h. You are worried that he will possibly have an accident.
4. Gelbi has been having a bad cough for a week. He has seen a doctor but his cough hasn’t
    gone. You are afraid that he suffers from more serious disease.

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