Jumat, 05 Oktober 2012


(Mengungkapkan permintaan, memberi dan memberikan ijin)

Study the following dialogue.
Jane : Is it a new car John?
John : Yes, it is a brand new Peugeut 307. Is it all right if I park my car here?
Jane : I’m sorry that’s not allowed. It is too close to the intersection. The car on the right side
           can not see it.
John : Over there, I think. There, it will not disturb the traffic.
Jane : Yes, that’s fine. It is behind my house. What brings you here?
John : I remember you bought a Nikon camera long time ago.
Jane : Oh, my old camera. Yes, I did. Why?
John : Do you mind if I borrow that camera for a few days?
Jane : Sure, John, but are you kidding? You drive an expensive car but you don’t have
          a camera.
John : it is urgent. I don’t know where mine is. My friend from British Consulate called me
           last week. I have to take pictures of Queen Elizabeth at the Buckingham palace next week. 
           Her photos will be exhibited in Time magazine next month.
Jane : Wow! Congratulations, John.
John : Thank you, Jane.

Answer these questions.
1. Who are involved in the dialogue above?
2. Who has a new car?
3. Why did he want to borrow Jane’s camera?
4. What is John?
5. I don’t know …. where mine is. What does the word mine refer to?
6. In the conversation above which sentences express:
    a. A request
    b. Asking permission
    c. Giving permission
    d. Refusing permission
7. Now try to create a short dialogue using other expressions of request, asking, giving and
    refusing permission.

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